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The RF-8A RF-8G (F8U-1P)Crusader

Updated December 20, 2010

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Contributed by Ray Wittenaur

In 1957, before the F8U-1P became fleet operational I was part of the team at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland which conducted the Board of Inspection and Survey trials on the F8U-1P.

It was this aircraft (sorry, I don't recall the Bureau Number of it) which was flown by Maj. John Glenn in "Project Bullet." Maj. Glenn was, at that time assigned at NATC as a test pilot.

After that record setting flight was completed, the aircraft was returned to the test team to continue the BIS Trials.

EXTERNAL LINK: Click for more information on: Project Bullet

Contributed by: Harold L. Murphy, PHCS USN(RET)

Webmaster's note:
We have a database of all of the F8U-1Ps built, which is linked from our "We Love Crusaders" Page. In that database, F8U-1P Bureau No. 144608 is the plane used by John Glenn to make his trans-USA record breaking flight. It was also "borrowed" from NADC in October 1962 by VFP-62 to fly missions over Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis.

The database goes on to state that it was later sent to VFP-63 and "Lost in a operational accident 12/13/1972, deck crash, S. China Sea. Lt. T. B. Scott recovered. This was John Glenn's record setter. USS Oriskany VFP-63 Det-34"

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